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Ashmayu Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is one of the most cherished times in a woman’s life. And it can also be one of the most challenging time as the body and mind go through a complete transformation.

Along with the baby’s birth, a mother is born too!  Soon to be moms have to deal with physical and emotional changes and at the same time develop a deeper connection with the new life inside.

Ashmayu Pregnancy Yoga is a customised and personalised program for a pregnant woman under which we offer both Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes.

Ashmayu Prenatal yoga classes focus more on gentle stretches and flow with equal emphasis on deep relaxation and deep breathing with the help of props. Sessions are customised based on your individual needs and to guide you through the different stages of your pregnancy.

Who can join?

One who is Pregnant.


Ashmayu Pregnancy Yoga is a personalised program.

Benefits of Ashmayu Pregnancy Yoga

Helps relieve tension from lower & upper back, neck and hips

Helps restore a sense of balance

Teaches self-acceptance

Helps develop stamina and strength

Deep breathing helps to relax and distress

Prepares for labour

Improves blood circulation

Helps maintain a nourishing environment for the baby

Connect with her baby

Increases the awareness about the changes in the body-helping the mother

Ashmayu Post Natal Yoga classes can be taken 2-3 months after normal delivery and 4-5 months after a cesarean birth. These classes help mothers take some time out for themselves, relax and rejuvenate, rebuild flexibility and tone muscles, stretch and strengthen the back, build stamina and strength and nourish their body and mind.