What Are the Most Frequently Asked Question in a Yoga Class?

29 December

What Are the Most Frequently Asked Question in a Yoga Class?

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Among the countless benefits of Water, keeping the body hydrated is one of the major ones.

Yoga is a science of wellbeing which helps you keep the body and mind fit.

Yoga and Water both are required to keep the body and mind in a healthy state, but mixing both of them is not a great idea.

It is always suggested to drink lots of water every day (leave the exceptional conditions).

But is it ok to drink while practicing Yoga as well?

The Answer is NO

Then, how to keep your body hydrated while practicing YOGA!

There are several ways to do so!

But before that let’s see how much water should one drink in general –

Well, it totally depends on your body type, size, lifestyle, the weather conditions etc.

One thing is for sure that your body does tell you how much water should you drink and when to stop over drinking it.

When your body is dehydrated, you would feel,

  • Constipation
  • Headache
  • Giddiness
  • Dryness in skin, eyes, lips
  • Dark / less urination

While practicing Yoga, you can also observe – less sweat, cramps, and stiffness.

It all indicates that you should immediately increase your water consumption.

You should also be careful about overdrinking water when you start feeling –

  • Bloating
  • Excess urination
  • Mucus
  • Heaviness in the abdomen

It actually means that you should drink water but control the quantity and frequency. Because, whatever you eat, also adds to the quantity of liquid in your body.

In case, you are unable to quench your thirst, even after having a lot of water intake, it means your body is not able to absorb the liquid.

That’s why –

  • Don’t drink chilled water – It is enemy of the digestive system.
  • Drink lukewarm water– It makes the digestion better
  • Take the water sip by sip
  • While drinking water, you should be sitting.
  • The body and the muscles should be relaxed.
  • Drink 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water, first thing in the morning.

Practicing the above-mentioned suggestion will surely improve the digestive system and remove the toxins from the body.

You wouldn’t need to drink while practicing Yoga if you Drink water half an hour before the yoga class.

It is also possible that during yoga class, your body doesn’t require as much water as you imagine. This problem can be sorted out by self-control.

  • Divert your thoughts from water to the benefits of the yoga practice
  • Activate your salivary glands
  • Resist the unnecessary demand /urge
  • Take deep breaths

What happens when you throw water on the fire, the same thing happens with drinking water while practicing yoga. While practicing Yoga, you are igniting the inner fire and drinking water at the same time, is like pouring water over it. This yoga practice is never going to pay you back.

Feeling thirsty while practicing yoga, is just the imaginary thirst which is overpowering you. Come out of it immediately as it is affecting the benefits that you should be receiving through your yoga practice.

Drinking water throughout the day in the right manner and the right quantity will make sure, you don’t get the feeling of this imaginary thirst.

Once you start to practice yoga without having water in between, you would experience the actual results of yoga and would be able to grow in your practice.

Prove your Love to the Life by Living Healthy!

If you are a YOGA practitioner, share this blog with your classmate and make a signification difference in their Yoga Journey!

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