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Health is Wealth!

Do you agree with the above statement?

If Yes, This is for you!

Ashmayu Yoga- Health Forum

Health is generally referred to as our functional health or healthcare which pertains to our physical body and we often miss out to focus on the mind and the spirit which are the other 2 main constituents of our whole body!

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

And there comes a whole new concept of holistic health into the picture which emphasizes on the mind, body, and social wellbeing.

Now, achieving holistic health without compromising on the professional and personal life is a challenge we all face at different phases of our lives. We are also not so clear about Health & Life and have numerous questions in our minds like:

  • What to eat?
  • How to Sleep?
  • How to get fit?
  • How to avoid diseases?
  • How to live a healthy life?
  • How to find a balance between work, life, and health?
  • How to handle situations with a calm mind?

To solve such questions and many more, Ashmayu Yoga Institute has come up with a unique Health Forum called Ashmayu Holistic Health Forum to promote holistic health and bring health awareness to the world.

Ashmayu Yoga Institute has a very simple yet powerful vision of improving the health of the world holistically.

Our Vision:

“To transform every individual and family world-over through the preventive and holistic powers of Yoga.”

And one of the key things to do in order to fulfill our vision is to bring out awareness regarding health, yoga, alternate holistic health practices to the world.

Ashmayu Holistic Health Forum is an abundant source of knowledge and a perfect solution to a lot of confusions one may have regarding health. And the kind of health experts we have invited to the forum, which takes this forum to a whole new level.

We are associated with experts from the field of Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Alternative Healing, Spirituality, Medical Science Etc.

Dr. Sanjeev Naik on Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle Management

The purpose of this forum is to build a community of health enthusiasts and assist each and every member of the community to become healthier holistically.

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This forum is open to all who really are curious to know and understand how to achieve optimum health state.

To get the latest updates regarding upcoming sessions of Ashmayu Holistic Health Forum, articles regarding a healthy lifestyle, food, diet, sleep, stress management etc.