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Children Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Children are the foundation of the future. If you train them, you shape better future. Yoga is what makes them strong, healthy and fit. It prepares them to face the challenges of life with positivity and enthusiasm.
Training the children requires a specialized training. For this purpose, we,Ashmayu yoga institute, have designed a specialized Teachers’ Training Program for training the teachers about the nature, behavior and the changes in the children so that they can teach children with care, love and understanding to bring out the potential of the children.

This course will equip you with the knowledge of –

Study of the child to adolescent age and its requirements

The asanas which best suit to the requirements of the growing age

The hormonal changes and its impact (and how to handle them)

Required nutrition

Games for improving children’s creativity and focus

Anatomy and physiology about different stages of children development

Pranayama to correct and improve children’s breathing capacity

Chanting to enhance their emotional intelligence

How to prepare an interesting yet effective class for children

How to communicate with children

Who can attend?

One who is passionate about teaching children
Yoga Teachers
School Teachers
Fitness Trainers