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Why Strong Women need just a little bit of Yoga!

Harriet Beecher Stowe, one of the most significant female figures in literature, rightly said that

“Women are the real architects of the society.”

They are the strength that propels the universe and we can never thank them enough. This 8th March 2019, Ashmayu Yoga wishes women across the country and the world a very Happy Women’s Day. Here’s to your incredible strength, integrity and unbelievable ability to multitask!


Our lives are only getting faster, busier and crazier. At Ashmayu Yoga, we want to do our bit to make sure that every woman takes some time off for herself. We ask women to give their physical health and mental well-being more than just a fleeting thought! Join us at our Ashmayu Integrated Yoga batches and enjoy 25% off on all memberships* until 15th March 2019. To know more about the offer, you can call us at 9686002222 or email us at [email protected]

Explore the magic of yoga in our peaceful studio where you can unwind, celebrate yourself and learn this nuanced and highly beneficial discipline from the best in town!


Now, this is an interesting question. Why choose yoga when you have the gym, Zumba, Pilates, aerobics, weights, cardio training…this list just goes on. What makes yoga different and more importantly, better for women when pitted against so many options? Let’s check some major reasons why you should consider yoga:

– A gym workout is focussed on the physical aspects of your body while yoga addresses the health and well-being of both your mind and body. It infuses your soul with positive energy. There is calmness in its practice and in due course, yoga brings about an attitudinal change that improves the quality of life.

– The benefits are both internal and external. Yoga helps with your digestive, circulatory and lymph systems. You develop stronger muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular system and detoxify your body. At the same time, yoga doubles up as intense cardio. Try out a few sun salutations, asana, pranayama and you’ll know what we are talking about.

– As compared to other forms of exercise where the risk of injuries, aches and pains are very high, yoga is kinder to your body. By that, we don’t mean that it is easy or any less intense. During yoga, your muscles are slowly stretched and the energy channels of the body are unlocked. The increased flexibility ensures lubrication.

– Yoga is much less expensive. While any other options require pricey membership, fancy equipment, expensive shoes and clothing, yoga requires none of that. All you need is free space. So when you cannot make it to our studio, you don’t need to miss out on your daily yoga routine.

– Yoga reduces stress like nothing else! When you think about a gym or any other fitness class, you immediately imagine piercing music, loud grunts, lots of shouting, bright lights and chaos. The competitive nature of such spaces only increases stress levels as compared to the quiet focus of a yoga studio.



A woman’s body and requirements changes over time and yoga helps to obtain physical and emotional balance.

International yoga expert and athlete, Colleen Saidman, says that

“Yoga offers women solace, reflection, joy, acceptance and ease in their bodies.”

And this is something that women across all ages require.


Children of all ages can do yoga. Baby Yoga that can be started from a little after six weeks. From six weeks on, yoga supports babies in developmental milestones such as sitting, crawling, standing and walking. As they grow older, Yoga becomes an effective calming technique, boosts immunity, energises the body, improves posture and enhances core strength. It is also a highly therapeutic way of coping with academic frustrations and peer pressure. Suryanamaskars helps kids balance their body and mind.

Teenagers: Teenage is a delicate phase for women because of the psychological and physiological upheavals they go through. Yoga is an excellent way to cultivate body image positivity by decreasing self-consciousness.

Mary Chryssicas, author of Breathe: Yoga for Teens, says,

“With sports like lacrosse, teens get the adrenaline rush from the cheering crowds. But with yoga, it’s not the crowd cheering that makes you feel good about yourself. You, alone, are responsible for feeling good about yourself.”

Your 20s:

This is the time when women are on the go. Yoga does not only give you intense practice but also gives you much-needed mindfulness and focus. It helps in detoxifying the system. Practising meditation, pranayama and asana helps you develop concentration and clarity of vision. This in turn, makes it easier for you to prioritize your tasks, cope with stress and deal with negative emotions. These are important qualities for women climbing the career ladder.

Your 30s and 40s:

This is the phase when the need to adult is at its peak. Life becomes more complex because of the sudden list of things you have to look after. Often, one feels emotionally and physically bogged down. Yogic philosophies make this transition easier and help you cope in every way. This is also when your muscle mass and bone strength start to decrease and yoga aids muscle repair and builds functional strength.

The 50s and beyond:

For this group, yoga is a stellar way to improve balance and stability. It has therapeutic benefits that can manage osteoarthritis. Anxiety, high blood pressure, hypertension and respiratory disorders are all significantly reduced through yoga.


As you can see, women across all ages have something to take away from the Indian ancient practices of yoga. And we realise how busy your lives are and everything that rests on your strong shoulders. But this Women’s Day, do think about the responsibility you have towards your own personal health. No one deserves this peaceful me-time more than you do.

We urge you to practice Yoga every day so that you are at the best health of your body and mind at any given time.

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To your Health,

Naveen Sharma

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Naveen Sharma is a Yoga Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach! His mission is to "Educate and inspire people to help them discover and nurture their true potential to live a Happier, Healthier and Prosperous Life. He founded Ashmayu Yoga in 2015 with his life partner Sireesha and has trained over 5000 students in last 5+ Years!


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